Customized Kitchen Countertops in Pittsburgh, PA 

Bring Bold Kitchen Countertops
Into Your Design

A beautiful space reflects thoughtful decisions on design, line, color, pattern, texture and even light, and your kitchen countertops are the epitome of these decisions fusing together. If you think about it, your kitchen countertops incorporate all these elements—from line to texture—to achieve a specific style. Jacob Evans takes this knowledge and embraces the artistic potential waiting in every project, including your kitchen countertops. 

With the help of the designers at Jacob Evans, we can make sure your kitchen counters make a bold statement, while remaining functional for your everyday life. We enjoy working with clients throughout Pittsburgh to help create a practical design plan that becomes an artfully crafted statement. Our premium resources and product lines—combined with our uncommon enthusiasm for purpose, style and beauty—are the exact tools needed to create a masterpiece in your home.

Durable Countertop Materials

Everyone uses his or her countertops for different purposes, but one thing we all want our kitchen counters to be is durable. When it comes to kitchen countertops, we work with top companies for countertops in Pittsburgh. Our designers can recommend long-lasting options and materials for you, dependent on what style you want to achieve in your new kitchen. Some of the most popular countertop materials we design around include laminate, solid surfacing, quartz, stone and wood.
Jacob Evans has a variety of styles and durable materials to complete your kitchen design. You’ll find that with the right countertops, you can create the exact design you want. 

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Your Design with Beautiful Countertops

When the Jacob Evans designers work with you to create your kitchen remodeling design, we develop a layout that works for your lifestyle, including the placement of countertops. We’ll ask you important questions about how you plan on using your kitchen and build a design around your ideas. 

Do you want a large island with plenty of counterspace for food when hosting parties? Or do you plan on having a breakfast bar for your family to eat and work at? These are some of the features we want to incorporate into your design, which will help us assist you in choosing the right countertops. No matter what you want your design to include, we plan your countertops around your space. 

Reflect Your Style With Customized Countertops

At Jacob Evans, we’ve worked with countless clients on a variety of kitchen remodeling designs. Of course, no two kitchens are the same, which is why we suggest different countertop styles depending on the look you are going for. Countertops are just one element that make up a kitchen’s style, and we can help you select the materials and patterns that will make the statement you are looking for. 

You’ll find countertops to fit many design styles, including contemporary, classic, country, world-inspired, rustic, traditional, transitional, mid-century and retro. We can create designs that fit all these styles and more with the help of the right kitchen countertops. Whatever style you want your space to have, Jacob Evans can design a kitchen with counters you will love for years to come.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Having worked with Jacob Evans on many renovation projects as a general contractor, we always welcome their professionalism and design ingenuity. This is a great relationship we hope to keep for many years!
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