Customized Kitchen Cabinets in Pittsburgh, PA 

Kitchen Cabinets Bring Functionality

One of the biggest trends in kitchens is incorporating elements that not only look good, but save us lots of time and effort— and are accessible to all family members. With high-end kitchen cabinets, the functionality—and the look—of your kitchen will drastically improve. Jacob Evans works with name brand companies to incorporate many of todays standard and innovative features into your design.

When our designers sit down with you to develop a kitchen remodeling design, choosing kitchen cabinets is part of the process. We discuss how you intend to use your kitchen, as well as what kind of style you want to have in your kitchen. From there, we will be able to make recommendations and help you select the perfect cabinetry.

Pittsburgh’s Top Cabinet Brands

We work exclusively with quality cabinet brands that we trust to give you the exact cabinetry you want. Over the years, we’ve developed close relationships with the industry’s top brands, including Homecrest, Medallion, Merillat and Mouser.

We have samples of cabinets on display in our Pittsburgh showroom, so you can start to get an idea of what style and color you want in your kitchen. 

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Choosing the Right Cabinets

The key to choosing the right kitchen cabinets is determining what you need in your everyday life. Ask yourself, how will this space be used? Do you need an abundance of storage for large appliances? Or do you regularly work in your kitchen and need desk space? How you use your kitchen will make a difference in the type of cabinetry you select. 
Additionally, there are other factors that can affect cabinet options, including layout. For example, if everyone in your family is under 6 feet tall, we’ll take that into consideration when designing the height of cabinetry. An effective layout makes all the difference. It’s a function of Jacob Evans to make user-friendly design a refined art!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Having worked with Jacob Evans on many renovation projects as a general contractor, we always welcome their professionalism and design ingenuity. This is a great relationship we hope to keep for many years!
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Reflect Your Style Through New Cabinets

At Jacob Evans, we’ve worked with countless clients on many different kitchens. Of course, no two kitchens are the same, and we’ve helped create designs that reflect a variety of styles. Cabinetry is just one element that makes up a kitchen’s style, and we can help you select fixtures that will make the statement you are looking for. You’ll find cabinetry to fit design styles such as contemporary, classic, country, world-inspired, rustic, traditional, post-modern and retro.
We can create designs that fit all these styles and more with the help of the right kitchen cabinets. Whatever style you want your space to have, Jacob Evans can design a kitchen with cabinets you will love for years to come.
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